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John's Phones just been featured in Gizmodo - possibly the World's best gadget review website ..and they loved it, describing it as "an awesome backup if you want something in case of emergencies or if you're going to be engaging in activities where phone-breakage is likely".

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JOHN'S PHONE is the World's simplest phone! ; a simple but beautifully stylish phone comes with no frills - no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging or numerous ringtones.

JOHN'S PHONE features large buttons, a concealed paper address book & pen and an energy efficient battery that can last for 3 weeks on stand-by. JOHN'S PHONE allows you to make and receive calls throughout most of the world. JOHN'S PHONE keeps things simple.

Available in 5 distinctive 'flavours' as follows, as shown Grass (green), Tree (brown), Sweet (pink), Snow (white) and Business (black) along with a limited edition Gold.

Key Features

  • User friendly, with large buttons
  • Attractive design
  • Works worldwide (except Japan & South Korea)
  • Battery lasts on standby for approx 3 weeks!!!
  • Works with any SIM card (except 3 mobile in the UK)

John's Phone requires no explanation, use the phone to call and hang up, turn the sound up or down, and lock or unlock - it couldn't be any simpler.

The speed-dial feature, which allows you to save speed-dial numbers under every number key makes John's Phone perfect for everyone including the young and the "not so young"!!!

The top of John's Phone features a small screen that displays incoming and outgoing calls. A set of earphones is provided with each John's Phone - these allow you to call hands-free while driving. John's Phone is available in 6 colours: white, brown, pink, black, green & gold. 

If you require a simple, stress free phone to keep track of your children/parents/wife/husband/partner, a spare to take on holiday or to leave in the car, impress your friends with the limited edition gold version - or simply to have a break from your smartphone, then look no further than the unique range of John's phones - THE WORLD'S MOST SIMPLE PHONE!



John’s Phone is an unlocked cell phone, making it compatible with the following types of SIM cards:

  • Prepaid (Pay as You Go)

  • (SIM only) contract phone

  • National

  • International


The built-in quad band makes John’s Phone suitable for the world’s four main network frequencies. This means you can make and receive calls all over the world, except on the 3G networks in Japan and South Korea.


John’s Phone has an integrated antenna for optimal performance.

Ringtone and vibrate function

John’s Phone has a single ringtone with three volume settings: loud, normal and silent. You can adjust the volume using the button on the left side of your Phone. The vibrate function works for all settings.

Address book and pen

The back of each John’s Phone features a flap with an address book behind it. The left of the flap contains an opening with a small pen: these two unique accessories allow you to update your address file at any time, even when your phone is switched off.

Number recognition

The top of John’s Phone features a small screen that displays inbound and outbound calls.

Talk time, standby time

The talk time of John's Phone is about 6 hours and the stand by time is over 3 weeks.

Key lock

You can lock the keys by moving the on/off switch on lock.


John’s phone is energy-efficient (1200 mAh), as it does not contain any energy-consuming features. The standby time is more than three weeks. If the battery is full, the right side of the screen features the word ‘JOHNS’. The lower the battery, the fewer letters will be displayed. If your battery is empty, the Phone first shows a ‘J’, followed by ‘LOW’. The battery is an integrated Lithium-ion battery.


You can charge John’s Phone either by plugging the (EU) adapter into an electrical outlet or by plugging the USB cable into your PC or laptop. The adapter and USB cable with a micro-USB connection are included with your John's Phone. John’s Phone is half-charged on delivery. It is recommended that you charge the Phone completely before using it for the first time (the word ‘JOHNS’ in the display should be fully visible). When charging please use John's own charger and/or charger cable. To charge John's to full takes about 3 hours after which it is recommandable to disconnect John's from the charger/charger cable.

Speed-dial numbers

You can save 10 speed-dial numbers to your John’s Phone: one under each number key. For more information, please read the instructions in the quick manual.

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