Aqua Waterproof Phone Case


The 100% waterproof Aqua Phone Case enables you to enjoy the functionality of your Smartphone underwater. Texting, taking photos, filming videos and Face-Timing have gone sub-aqua!

With technological advances in Smartphones leaving us with top quality video, imaging and browsing at our fingertips, we’ve come to rely on our mobile phones as a diary, camera, notebook and much more. Putting your beloved Smartphone within dropping distance of water will send most owners into panic, leaving it relegated to the hotel room on your holidays. The Aqua Phone Case not only protects your mobile from holiday elements such as sand and snow but it also makes it completely waterproof up to a metre.

The Aqua Phone Case is made of durable PVC, transparent Perspex and a watertight rubber seal. The touch-sensitive transparent screen allows intuitive access to the Smartphone’s Apps and features so you can take advantage of your phone’s capabilities when it’s inside. Shoot underwater movies, take photographs under the sea, send sub-aqua texts and Face-Time with those both under and above the water level!

Compatible with the iPhone (2, 3G, 3GS and 4) and Blackberry it’s time to get even smarter with your Smartphone and take it to new depths. 

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